We are Propaganda HQ

Propaganda Headquarters (HQ) is a new style of strategic marketing consulting company established in October 2010, offering a fully integrated and comprehensive range of services from external and internal strategic marketing audit and the development of corporate strategies, online and offline marketing and branding strategies to the creation of brand elements design and implementation of campaigns. We provide our clients with a holistic approach wrapped up in one single point of contact. We preach and practice the extended marketing mix model acknowledging the equal importance of softer elements of people, process management to deliver service and physical decor/branded environment. 

Building charismatic brand requires a careful blend of skills, practical experience and competence. Whether measuring actual and potential brand value, defining breakthrough brand strategies, or creating powerful brand designs, Propaganda's strategic marketing communications services cover everything a brand needs to become and stay unique. Our local and international marketing and business experts have more than 10 years of high level managerial experience in the “real business world” in marketing, branding, PR, sales, training, management and IT with a solid professional background. Propaganda HQ is a learning oriented company basing its success on innovative, result oriented product development methodologies. Propaganda HQ utilizes in-house creative design and technical talent as well as hand-picked vendors to offer full-service marketing and branding customized solutions to support your business from the very first step to all stages of its development. 

Propaganda HQ works as your "in house" marketing team. Your needs are of top priorities as our experienced team is committed to give your customer the feeling of your brand's charisma, feeling that there is no substitute. 

Propaganda HQ’s partner company in ISO standards consultation is Quadra Consulting with years of experience in the implementation of ISO management systems. Quadra specialises in designing and implementing management systems for quality, food safety, information security, environment, health & safety, laboratories, medical devices, corporate social responsibility and other standards.

Visit Quadra’s website for detailed information about its activities and services.

Our Expertise

Which element is not a part of extended marketing mix 7 P’s model?